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Our COVID Promise

It's clear that COVID-19 isn't going away in a hurry, so we want to provide peace of mind to our customers that may be unsure about booking their next fitness holiday.

Our COVID Promise doesn't have an expiry date. We're only interested in doing the right thing for as long as it takes. If a trip is cancelled due to COVID-19 and alternative dates don't suit, we refund within ten days, no questions asked. This isn't something new, we've got a 100% track record of processing refunds within ten days for impacted customers throughout the whole of 2020.

Our simple four-pillar promise, also outlines what we're doing to keep everyone safe, and provides clarity on our position when it comes to destinations requiring quarantine.

To find out more about our promise, CLICK HERE

We also invite customers to get in touch with us on 020 3773 5126 or should they have questions about what we're doing to keep everyone safe on our holidays.



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