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Do people come alone?

Over half of our guests are solo travellers. Joining a fitness retreat is a safe bet for solo travellers because you're guaranteed to meet people with similar interests.

Are flights included?

No, you will need to make your own travel arrangements. We recommend to find the best deals.

Do I need to be super fit to take part?

Not at all! Everybody's fitness levels are different. If you want to train hard, sure, we can help you with that. If you want to take it easier, you can do that too. Remember, all of our activities are optional. This is your holiday. Take it at your own pace and enjoy yourself!

Do you offer discounts?

We only offer discounts if you've planned ahead and managed to take advantage of one of our early-bird rates. Once the early birds have gone, all of our retreats are sold at the published rate, so it's fair for everyone.

If you are a member of our RE.TREAT loyalty programme; you will be able to use one of your vouchers to reduce the cost of your retreat.

Are meals included? 

You will receive breakfast each day, and then a selection of lunches and dinners are included. We want you to feel free to do your own thing, and sometimes it's nice to take a bit of "me time." The timetable for your trip will outline which meals are included. 


Etu by Workout Away retreats are all-inclusive when it comes to food and drinks.

What's the food like? 

Delicious! We have Workout Away menus in each of our destinations. They are created just for us and feature a fine pick of local cuisine.

What's the accommodation like? 

We only use the best standard of accommodation. If you're looking for a bit of luxury, you're going to find it with us! The venues that we use are all outlined on the destination pages.


All overseas hotels are four or five-star. In the UK, our venue is a stunning four-star boutique property.

Do I have to share my room? 

No, there are different options available. You can share, or you can go private, the choice is yours. 

What about alcohol, can we drink?

Of course! It's your holiday! We don't recommend that you go to the clubs and get back an hour before sunrise yoga, but a couple of glasses is fine. 

Are transfers included? 

No (apart from in Mykonos). We want to keep the prices of our programmes as competitive as we can, and many of our guests come from different places to join us, therefore not needing airport collection. We do, however, have transport partners in each of our destinations offering fixed-price transfers that we have agreed. Just chat with us to find out more information.


In Mykonos, The Saint John Resort will collect you from the airport free of charge.

What is the minimum age?


I have injuries, can I come?


Generally speaking, injuries are fine. The main thing that we need to make sure of is that nothing that you'll do with us will worsen your injuries.


Before your retreat, you'll be asked for basic health information. If anything pops up, we'll give you a call and chat about how we can provide workarounds. 

How do I book?


Choose your destination and then decide how you'd like to pay. You can pay all upfront or split with a low deposit payment and then the final payment eight weeks before your retreat. 

Can I cancel after I've booked?


That depends on when you choose to cancel. Check out our T&Cs here.

Can I arrive early or stay late?


Yes, we offer this service at most of our resorts and is available when booking. You can also add additional nights on after you've booked your retreat.

I have more questions. Can I get them answered?

Yes, you can live chat with us on here. Reach us on Instagram, or send us an email at

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