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Builds Core Strength

Enhances Stability

Shields Against Injury

Targets Abs & Midsection

Workout Away Tricore™, our brand new, innovative triset workout meticulously crafted to fortify the core - your body's powerhouse!


Workout Away Tricore zeroes in on three main rounds of work to strengthen the Glutes, Posterior Chain, and Abdominals.


Beyond sculpting a defined midsection, this class acts as your armour, shielding against injuries by promoting spinal alignment, reducing strain during activities, and cultivating strength that resonates throughout your body.



What is Workout Away Tricore?

Workout Away Tricore is a specialised triset workout focused on strengthening and enhancing the central section of the body, targeting key muscle groups for improved overall fitness.

How long is each Workout Away Tricore session?

Each session lasts 40 minutes, providing a comprehensive and efficient workout to maximise your core strength and resilience.

Who is Workout Away Tricore suitable for?

This class is suitable for all fitness levels. Beginners and experienced fitness enthusiasts will all benefit from this class.

What equipment is required for Workout Away Tricore?

We use a combination of resistance tubes and body bands. Our coaches will provide and guide you on the specific equipment needed for each section.

Can Workout Away Tricore help with back pain?

Yes, absolutely. The class is designed to support the spine, promote alignment, and reduce strain, making it an excellent choice for people seeking relief from or prevention of lower back pain.

Is this class suitable for pregnant women?

While it's always advisable to consult with your healthcare provider, Workout Away Tricore can be adapted for pregnant women with modifications to ensure a safe and effective workout.

Are there variations for different fitness levels in Workout Away Tricore?

Yes, our experienced instructors tailor the intensity and complexity of exercises to accommodate participants of varying fitness levels, ensuring a challenging yet accessible workout for everyone.

Can Workout Away Tricore help with posture improvement?

Absolutely. The class aims to strengthen the core muscles responsible for maintaining good posture, resulting in improved overall posture and reduced back pain over time.

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