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Improve Technique

Prevent Injury

Build Confidence

Workout Away Skill™ is the ultimate kickstart to your Workout Away fitness retreat.

This 45-minute one-off foundational session is strategically placed on the first day, serving as a comprehensive masterclass in essential weightlifting and bodyweight movements.


This session forms the cornerstone for our signature concepts, Workout Away HIIT and Workout Away Rivals, by establishing a solid foundation for effective movement. 



What is Workout Away Skill?


Workout Away Skill is a foundational session designed to educate participants on essential weightlifting and bodyweight movements. It serves as a crucial starting point for the retreat, setting the stage for effective participation in subsequent fitness programs.

How long is the Workout Away Skill session?


This one-off session lasts 45 minutes and is scheduled on the first day before any other classes. This strategic placement ensures participants start the retreat with a comprehensive understanding of fundamental movements.

Will I receive personalised coaching during the Workout Away Skill session?


Yes, absolutely. Our expert trainers use this session to assess individual competency levels, providing personalised coaching and feedback tailored to your fitness goals and abilities.

Can I apply the skills learned in Workout Away Skill beyond the retreat?


Definitely, Workout Away Skill focuses on teaching foundational movements that are applicable not only during the retreat but also in your ongoing fitness journey, allowing you to use these skills in various workout settings.

How does Workout Away Skill contribute to injury prevention?


The session emphasises proper technique instruction, minimising the risk of injuries during the retreat and in future workouts. Learning and practising correct movements are key to a safe and injury-free fitness experience.

How does Workout Away Skill integrate with other retreat concepts like Workout Away HIIT and Workout Away Rivals?


Workout Away Skill sets the foundation for these signature concepts by establishing a solid understanding of essential movements. It complements and enhances the overall retreat experience by preparing participants for more advanced workouts.

Can I ask questions during the Workout Away Skill session?


Certainly, this is not a workout as such. We encourage participants to ask questions and seek clarification during the session. Our trainers are there to provide guidance and ensure that everyone gains a comprehensive understanding of the movements.

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