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Unveiling Workout Away Tricore, Our Latest Signature Concept!

At Workout Away, we're committed to crafting workouts that challenge your body and elevate how you approach your day-to-day training.

With Workout Away Tricore, we've delivered strong on our commitment by creating a concept that promises to build strength & resilience in the central section of your body while breaking down 'core class' misconceptions.

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Here are some benefits of Workout Away Tricore

Workout Away Tricore shields against injuries by providing crucial support to the spine and reducing strain during movement. Say goodbye to workout-related aches and pains and hello to a stronger, more resilient body.

By supporting the spine and promoting proper alignment, Workout Away Tricore helps prevent lower back pain and discomfort, allowing you to move with ease and confidence.

Workout Away Tricore isn't just about sculpting abs—it's about building a strong and stable core that enhances your overall stability and balance. With targeted exercises that focus on the entire core region, Workout Away Tricore will help you achieve a more defined and toned midsection for those who adopt this long-term training method.

Cap off your Workout Away Tricore workout with an intense round of three back-to-back exercises. This finisher will push your limits and leave you feeling accomplished and energised.

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But Wait. What's the 'Tri' about?

A triset is a formula where three exercises are performed consecutively, typically targeting the same muscle group, with little to no rest in between. Each exercise within the triset is chosen to stimulate the targeted muscle group in slightly different ways, allowing for comprehensive muscle engagement and fatigue.

By performing these exercises back-to-back within a triset, you effectively increase the intensity of your workout and challenge the muscle group from various angles. Trisets are an efficient way to maximise muscle stimulation and time efficiency during your workout, making them a popular choice for individuals looking to optimise their training sessions. 

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Where you'll find this workout in 2024

Excited to experience Workout Away Tricore for yourself? You're in luck! This groundbreaking class concept will be featured on all of our 2024 fitness retreats, providing you with the perfect opportunity to elevate your fitness journey and unlock your full potential.

Expertly Trained Instructors

Behind every great Workout Away workout is an expertly trained instructor team. At Workout Away, our trainers undergo specialised training to deliver Workout Away Tricore class with precision and expertise. From mastering the triset format to fine-tuning coaching techniques, our trainers are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to ensure that every Workout Away Tricore class is safe, effective, and empowering.

Ready to get your next escape in the diary to try out Workout Away Tricore? Click here -


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