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The People Behind Our Five Star Reviews: The Far From Ordinary Workout Away & Etu Retreats Trainer Team!

At Workout Away & Etu Retreats, we believe in pushing boundaries and setting new standards in the fitness travel industry. As one of the first major players in our young and fast-developing sector, our commitment to excellence starts with our exceptional trainer team, the backbone of our success.

In this blog, we'll take you behind the scenes to discover the rigorous selection process, extensive training, and ongoing development requirements that make our trainers the heart and soul of our fitness retreats.

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The (not so easy) Selection Process

Becoming a part of our trainer team is no walk in the park. Each year, we receive hundreds of applications from fitness professionals eager to fly off to sandy shores. However, only a select few make the cut. Our rigorous selection process includes a live audition where candidates showcase their skills, passion, and ability to connect with class participants.

In 2023, we had over 250 applications to join our trainer team, of which less than 20 made it through to our live audition. From there, just five were selected to join the team after showcasing their exceptional talent.

We believe in curating a team of individuals who excel in fitness expertise, embody our brand's spirit, and truly understand how to create exceptional experiences in-resort.

Initial Training: A Fusion of Online Education and Live Interactive Learning

Once chosen, our trainers embark on a comprehensive initial training program. This involves a blend of online education modules and immersive, in-person training sessions. During this phase, they delve deep into the Workout Away signature concepts, Workout Away Rivals, HIIT, and Revive, to ensure that they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to deliver our classes to the elite standards that we're known for.

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Annual Up-Skill Team Events in London

To stay at the forefront of the fitness travel industry, our trainers participate in annual up-skill team days held close to our office in London. These sessions serve as a platform for continuous learning, where trainers share experiences, learn about our latest innovations, and refine their signature concept delivery. The commitment to ongoing education ensures that our trainers remain on top of their game, providing our guests with top-notch workouts, unparalleled coaching, and exceptional hosting.

Our Competitive Edge

What sets Workout Away & Etu Retreats apart is our dedication to providing structured education programs and consistent fitness experiences across all our European and North African destinations. We believe in delivering a seamless experience for our participants, no matter where they choose to retreat. This commitment to consistency sets us apart in our industry, making us one of the only companies to offer such high standardisation and quality across each beautiful destination.

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Our Trainers: The Crown Jewel of Our Brand

As a brand, we recognise that our trainers are our most valuable business asset. Their passion, expertise, and dedication shine through in every class, pulling in consistent five-star reviews from our wonderful guests. Their ability to inspire, motivate, and create a sense of community is what sets us apart.

Our Trainer Team:

Workout Away

Emily Powell

Luke Damen

Kerry Gooden

Amanda Calland

Emily Hunt

Melanie Wright

Sheriya Pascall

Etu Retreats

Christopher Pyne

Morgan Lane

Jess Hamilton

Zennah Chaudri

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