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London Based Opportunity - Freelance Fitness Instructors


In addition to our fitness holiday business, we run a corporate network of sites across London. We believe that fitness on the move should be easier and more accessible, and that includes in the workplace. When we're not working out on the beach, we love to bring our energy, knowledge and excellent coaching to businesses in London. There's no doubt that unhealthy employees cost businesses significant amounts of money per year, and we think it's time for change!


Our corporate fitness instructors support us in bringing the Workout Away brand to life within our sites. These classes are a little different to your regular classes that you teach in the gym. The majority of sessions are equipment free and bodyweight focussed. Classes take place in various locations including conference rooms and even outside during the warmer months. 

Our corporate class timetables are varied, therefore we're looking for instructors that teach all different types of classes. You must be experienced in delivering freestyle classes that you can create yourself. At this stage, we're looking to allocate instructors to regular classes as well as building our cover list.




- Minimum level 2 fitness qualification (either ETM, PT or gym instructor) with experience in delivering group fitness classes. 

- Additional certification for relevant class types.

- Basic first aid qualification.

- Have the legal right to work in the UK.

- At least 12 months experience in the fitness industry. 

- Have the ability to work unsupervised within a customer-focused environment.

- Comprehensive freelance fitness instructor insurance.


Application Process


The application process is formed of three steps.


1. Candidates must submit their CV, which outlines details of their fitness experience to date and any other relevant work. 

2. Shortlisted candidates will be required to submit two short five-minute videos of them instructing different exercise classes. The type of class is your choice. 

3. Successful candidates will participate in an interview which can take place via video link, e.g. Skype or FaceTime.



This is a self-employed freelance position; therefore all income is subject to tax and NI contributions as enforced by HMRC. You will be required to produce your UTR and NI number. All payments will be paid in GBP into a UK bank account.


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