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The First Etu Retreat Coaches Arrive!

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Last week, three brand new Retreat Coaches were welcomed to Workout Away and assigned to the new Etu Retreats brand.

When it comes to instructor recruitment, Workout Away has taken a non-traditional approach compared to most other retreat providers. Before starting as an in-resort coach, all new team members are required to complete required training courses to ensure they are equipped to deliver the five-star service that Workout Away has become known for.

After completion of the online training sessions, team members complete a full day of initial training in London which is a mix of physical and guest experience education.

Etu Retreats is a new low-cost, high-value retreat concept from Workout Away. The Etu concept is simple, removing extras such as complimentary gift packs and private dining to build a fitness retreat geared towards the price-conscious traveller.

The first Etu by Workout Away retreat starts in November 2022 at the four-star Iberostar Club Palmeraie, Marrakesh, in Morocco. This joins our Workout Away lineup of Algarve, Mykanos and more!

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